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Give the Gift of 21st-century education

 To the children of THe ISOLATED
Lau Province ISLA
NDS, Fiji  


Aerial View of Islands
Group of Islands

Our Islands 

Far to the east of the main island of Fiji, lies the Lau archipelago comprising about sixty islands and islets, about 23 are inhabited. They make up the Province of Lau in the Fiji Islands. Completely isolated geographically, the challenges of keeping abreast with the rest of the country - let alone the rest of this twenty-first century world - has taken its toll in the fifty plus years since Fiji's  Independence. "Out of sight...Out of mind", children's education standards and quality of life generally have badly suffered. Our mission is to help the children of these remote islands improve their access to high-quality education. The ultimate aim is to move them into the 21st century international level playing field required, in the shortest time possible.


 We see a future where all children in Lau attain an excellent education.


Our mission is to assist all the children in the remote Lau province to gain access to high-quality 21st-century education in the shortest time possible so they can realize their full potential.


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